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Pokemon: Rare Candy Pokemon: Rare Candy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh crap!

Oh my. Now I know where those Missingnos come from after my Red game glitched... I don't think I'll ever view Glitch Pokémon the same ever again! Needless to say, it was short yes, but damn it was funny~. Here goes another 5 and a 10.

Grow a Buddy Grow a Buddy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Buddy, that was fun.

That was very funny and entertaining. I have to say I was laughing so much I had to tone myself down... just so I could listen and laugh some more. Great job, and great humor as well.

funymony responds:

You have no idea how happy I feel whenever someone says that.
It's awesome to make people actually laugh at something.

Justin Bieber Justin Bieber

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Remember kids.

Perfect occasion to remind people drinking is not good for you. =p

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no-one has to die. no-one has to die.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An absolutely fantastic game. Never would I have imagined that a 4 kb submission would be so rich in content. The game in itself is simplistic - yet, it is enjoyable and addictive, but the real show stealer is in the story. I simply have no words to describe how hooked I was, how amazing the delivery and the writing was. I cannot spoil anything, I cannot say anything - simply, if you haven't yet, PLAY IT. Play it entirely.

No-one has to die is an experience worthy of the attention of everybody on Newgrounds, and I would not be surprised if it made it on Portal History for 2013. In fact, I wish for it and I hope it will, it is one of those short, yet breath-taking experiences, one of those big surprises that you can never really forget - the kind of game that truly deserves to be part of NG's very best (and one of the reasons I love this website, might I add).

Simple, effective, addictive, it is also yet another proof that there is no need for a huge, bloated flash, cutting-edge graphics, or overly-complicated gimmicks to create something that can be ultimately summed up in one word: "Amazing".

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Kass&Bryce Kass&Bryce

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

While I appreciate the effort, it would probably be nice if the submission was posted in English for NG users to properly appreciate the story and vote accordingly. There's a fair chance that many people who do not understand French will not vote this very fairly.

If this submission survives judgment, then all I have to say is: work on the translation anyway, fix your spelling while you're at it (as a native French speaker, I was able to notice several!). I won't comment on the artstyle much, all I have to say is that whoever is the artist needs a few lessons on anatomy. The user interface looks very bare-bones, and there is no sound - or none I was able to hear.

The story itself is extremely short and devoid of anything enjoyable - it's not fun, it's not interesting, and the plot defeats itself very quickly, leaving little point to the story at all.
If I understand the direction taken by the author, it seems to be a visual novel, or something in the same style. Has the author never played an actual VN before? Even the shortest aren't finished in all of thirty seconds. Too bad.

Sakuya Hentai Game 3D Sakuya Hentai Game 3D

Rated 0 / 5 stars

How uncreative of you to steal content from someone else to make this. Not only the game, if we can call that a game at all, is bad (my gripes about it have been mentioned already: it's essentially gif pasting and an automatically filling bar), I happen to know who has made the original Sakuya models that you've reused here: it is an artist on pixiv, who goes by the name of "brightone" and who has featured sample artworks of his own game.

If nobody believes my claims that this is stolen, brightone's pixiv ID is 1652921, they can go check for themselves.

Recent Audio Reviews

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Frolick Lane REMIX Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Frolick Lane REMIX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

There needs to be more Jazz 2 arranges, but especially more GOOD Jazz 2 arranges. This is one of them and I hope there's more where that came from.

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Leikehmacher responds:

thx good sir :) i'm planning on doing more jazz in the near future, so stay tuned

Launch base panic Launch base panic

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow. This is exactly how Launch Base should have felt like! Let's get into a serious review before I start swooning..

Well, this is a Launch Base Zone remix. But what a remix! Instrument choice is well done, every instrument and sound effect is seamless and are in harmony, despite their wide variety. This gives the Launch Base tune a very catchy effect, with a slight groovy effect, emphasized by the drums and hats, as well as the sound effects. This sets a fun and positive tone which I would have never expected to work so well with the LBZ tune. The wise use of extending the main melody instead of following the original song's sudden breaks helps with the seamless feeling and actually helps the song being even more enjoyable; since there aren't the breaks one would expect, the song surprises you and keeps your attention; and the only time a break is noticed (at 1:53), it's not a sudden song stop as in the original; it's a violin... riff? Wow. Did NOT expect that, in a good way!

My only complaints would be that the fade-out is a bit too long, and that the song, dragging itself until 4:13, is a little bit too long and repetitive, but this isn't your fault; it's LBZ's that's already repetitive by nature. Otherwise, it's very well-made and this is a seriously underrated style. I'll end this with a personal note. I often roam Newgrounds Audio and sift through the well-polished generic turds to find THE melodic pearl; and this time, it seems I've found another! Great job there, feel proud and keep it up. Have a well-deserved 5 from me.

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deliverance84 responds:

Aaah man! Wow, I'm over the moon my remix got a really positive, and intelligent review! I was very surprised again to see a fantastic review, and truthfull decription, this track took a lot of work, and judging by this review, it has paid off big time. I'll be lucky to hity the jackpot and get a review like this again, kaosuKaiari, big thanks for the review bra.

Chemical Plant Elite Chemical Plant Elite

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing. Simply amazing.

This is very upbeat, high-speed, full of energy, perfectly balanced, and neither too long nor too short. In other words this is everything that is GOOD about club-style trance tunes; we have here the cream of the cream in Chemical Plant remixes out there, and as an added sexy bonus: it loops PERFECTLY, it's completely seamless, so one can enjoy a single 2:22 run of distilled fun, or have it as the all-day-long (or all-night-long) song of the moment.

It's hard for me to make a review without sounding completely biased, but, it's really just THAT good. This is the sound of the pros, this is what every aspiring artist on Newgrounds should look up to - myself included. Here, have a much deserved 5.

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